• Discover the foundational keys to getting what you really want in life.

  • Get the clarity and direction you need to create financial security and a career you

  • Improve all of your relationships both personally and at work.

  • Awaken the courage and energy within you.

  • Stop playing small and get out and inspire others.

  • Understand how your top two profiles create and command the law of attraction in your life.

  • Have better health, wellbeing, and a sense of inner peace.

The Personal Profile Assessment will show you the path to that level of self-knowing a wisdom.


Do the following sound familiar?

  • You are you a successful person who has accomplished a lot in your life, but you still feel that there is something big missing.
  • You feel that you have a greater mission in life than the one that you are currently living.
  • You would like to be in love with your life again.
  • Are you called to what you do every day, or are doing what you do because it pays the bills and you are good at it.
  • You would like to know why you have made the choices in your life that have led you to this point, and change those choices.
  • I am really good at being who I am supposed to be, I just don’t know what I want to be.
  • I consistently attract the same kind of relationships that are not healthy.
  • I just don’t understand how to motivate my children and family, I get very frustrated with them.
  • I am more in battle with myself than the world, I am my own worst enemy.
  • I am often overwhelmed and drained by life and feel like I don’t belong.
  • I have been on the self help journey for years and don’t feel that much has really changed, my life patterns have gotten stuck!
  • I have been called at times to something else, I just don’t trust my intuition, it has lead me astray before.


There’s nothing wrong with you – we are living in a time of confusion where real inner guidance has lost its power in our lives!

We have been taught to be who we are supposed to be, not who we were born to be.

Yes, even in the midst of the biggest consciousness movement most people are still playing small, and want you to play small too!

Imagine if you could…

  • Discover the foundational keys to your Life Purpose.
  • Get deep insight to your spiritual calling.
  • Get clarity as to what kinds of work and mission you are called on in your daily life.
  • Understand how your top two profiles create and command the law of attraction in your life.
  • Connect to your higher self and its guidance.
  • Develop the courage to stand fully in your life purpose and take powerful action in the world.
  • Find the inner peace of self knowing.
  • Know without a shadow of a doubt what your life purpose is.
  • Realize that your life purpose is never a job, but a quality of presence you bring to everything you do.
  • Know the power of the creative, the feeling, the caretaking, the achieving and the leadership parts of you to make a difference in the world.
  • Feel totally in alignment with your life purpose in your inner and outer mission.
  • Be able to look backward at your life and see how your purpose has always been there just waiting for you, calling to you.
  • Have inner peace and the congruence between your souls callings and your daily work and needs.
  • Be a master of your relationships not in battle with them or hiding from them.
  • Effortlessly become a transformative element in the world.
  • See your place in the world and how important your stepping into your power is.
  • Love your purpose so much you become a guiding light for anyone who wants to live their life purpose.

I’m Rhys Thomas, and I’ve been where you are.

I spent the first 40 years of my entire life trying to be someone that I thought I was supposed to be.

Even though I was successful materially at what I was doing, I was living an internal world of quiet desperation.

After I discovered the profiles my life began to change at a much accelerated pace.

I could have never had the courage to open my school if I had not gotten the clarity of purpose and direction that I am a “Creative Teacher” from knowing my profiles. Not knowing who I was made me live in fear and scarcity. Living that way made me stay in a job and relationships for 25 years that were unhealthy for me. The courage to live fully and never see any contribution you make in the world as small are just two of the many benefits of learning your profile.

I get to teach people every day in the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and now through the Rhys Method® Profile Assessment and DVD product, I can show you how to find that non-negotiable profile quality in you that feels your deepest sense of purpose in every moment.

Not everyone is here to run a big business or take over a small country or win an Olympic medal.

Many are here to be caring and supportive of others and work with small groups, or to show the power of love and compassion one person at a time, or bring new ideas and ingenuity to old stuck patterns in the world.

What are you here to do, start, build, find?

Each person is part of a tribe of people who are born to live a life purpose of feeling, creating, caretaking, achieving, or leading. These are the five basic human traits. All are equally essential in the world now more than ever!

If you are like me, and have played small or tried to be someone who everyone will like, rather than who you really are (which everyone will love!), you know the greatest suffering a soul can endure is a life without a deep sense of purpose.

Learn the profile system, apply it to every aspect of your life and step into a deeply fulfilling life!

Because, think about it….

What if someone you really trusted told you that “this is your life purpose!” What if that person was you? Then you could fearlessly run every tough choice you are asked to make through one simple filter. Does this support my life purpose or not?

Your actions would be laser beam focused.

Being awakened to who you really are is the essence of all great leaders.

What if other people could see your true unbending commitment to your highest purpose.

Do you think that might be good for business? Do you think others would trust you to guide them to do the same?


How would it feel for you to go to be every night knowing that you fought the good fight and fearlessly stood for your higher purpose?

You would sleep well at night!





The Rhys Method ® Profiles Personal Assessment help people become conscious of how they can recapture their passion and live an empowered life. They will connect to their highest potential and keep on the path to power, passion, joy, connection and love. So often, who we think we are and who we truly are can be at odds with one another and the result is that we feel stuck, afraid, or simply unfulfilled. We think to ourselves, there must be something more for me in this life. I’m suggesting that anyone whose ever felt this way is not living from their Life Purpose and this book and the information within it will bring people back to themselves and back to the person they were born to be.

Living our true life purpose is not an end result; it opens us to the lives we are already living, allowing us to see more fully and completely into how we are internally oriented toward the world. The results of this kind of self-understanding are nothing short of extraordinary.

This program will teach readers about the five kinds of people in the world:

Paulo Coelho says in The Alchemist, “You have got to find the treasure so that everything you have learned along the way makes sense.” Your Personal Profile Assessment offers you a direct experience of your soul and life purpose. It is the treasure that will help people make sense of everything they’ve ever done, and help them to show up in their lives and move forward with integrity, purpose and alignment. Life must be felt as a moral imperative that flows through each person in every moment.

The Rhys Method® Profiles is the foundation of my work and a gift I’m honored to be able to introduce in order to help all Creative Idealists, Emotional Intelligence Specialists, Team Players, Knowledgeable Achievers and Charismatic Leaders across this country and across the world. Intellectual understanding is not enough to live a purposeful life; it is felt as a calling. The broadest goal of this work is to model and inspire people who will in turn awaken their peers and a whole new generation of people.

Not knowing your Life Purpose is at epidemic proportions in the world! What is the solution?

The Rhys Method Personal Profile Online Test Package

This training by Rhys Thomas will give you a deep self awareness of who you, how you block your power and what you can do to step more fully into your life purpose.

Your life purpose profile is an unbending core energy that exist independent of your body, yet uses your body and life situations to express it.

Knowing your profile will give you the confidence to life a no excuse life where you fearlessly live fully in your power, connection, passion and love.