Free Profile Assessment

  • Discover the foundational key to your Life Purpose
  • Connect to your higher self and its guidance
  • Develop the courage to stand fully in your life purpose and take powerful action in the world
  • Find inner peace of self knowing

How to take the Profile Assessment:

The purpose of this Free Profile Assessment is to help you uncover which Life Purpose profile is operating most strongly in your life. Knowing your Profile gives you the foundation you will need to live an extraordinary life. As you read each statement,  if you or others would say that the statement is generally true for you for most of your life, or represents a common feeling or pattern for you from your past, then check the box.   If you are taking this questionnaire you have probably already done some inner work and are seeing yourself as having transcended some of these issues.  Answer from how you would answer in your teens, twenties, thirties, etc. not just now. Once you have checked all the statements that are true for you on each of the 5 pages of statements, click next, fill in your name and e-mail and your free profile assessment and videos will be instantly delivered to your inbox. Over the next 5 weeks you will also receive links to all 5 of the profile videos as an extra bonus.  Feel free to take the test multiple times for the best accuracy, or have a close friend or relative take it for you and see if the results are more accurate.

To increase your chance of receiving your test results:

  • Use a reliable browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari
  • Add the address to your personal address book
  • Check your internet and email spam settings

If you still don’t see your results, please check your spam folder to see if they were routed there. Enjoy, Rhys Thomas